Sprouting of startups has exploded since the onset of Cloud. It feels ecstatic for Founders whey they give shape and size to their raw idea.

The explosion of failure rate of these startups has also caught up with the rate of sprouting.

A big reason for this is the overemphasis on raw “hustle and grind”. This is one of the biggest fallacies of Silicon Valley and startup ecosystems elsewhere. Please check out our blog on this topic here.

If you put all this together, having a clear Market vision and Go-To-Market Strategy becomes a non-negotiable imperative, for Startups to differentiate, connect, engage and deliver sustainable value to their Customers. Big box Software players spend millions in hiring and training their top Market talent periodically. Comparatively Startups spend very least in hiring the best talent, let alone training and coaching them regularly.

Iconic engineers and product visionaries need iconic market makers and sales leaders to take their creations and put them in the hands of Enterprises and create ardent fans of the product. Like we call it “every Steve Wozniak needs their own Steve Jobs”. Please check out the blog on this here.

Our founding mission is to help Startups evolve the right Product-Market Fit, define their ideal Market and shape the right GTM strategy and execution model.

Assuming the company has a pre-built product at a MVP or even more mature state, we run strategy sessions and workshops to identify the Target Market, which would include industries, geographies, company sizes and personas. And in that Market we define what is the right Product-Market Fit for the company and who are the competitors. While there could be several competitors, big and small, the key here is to zero in on few well-chosen competitors who we should position against based on multiple reasons.

Now that the Market, Fit and Competition is clear, we then do workshops with Founders and Product Team and even early Customers to dig out the unique and sustainable value proposition that would form the moat of the company.

And then we combine all the above to build the Go-To-Market (GTM) Journey Map and execution roadmap.

Iconic mindset offers the following services to Startups