Investors play a very crucial and catalytic role in the success of Startups and thriving the Innovation economy thrive. Their ability and appetite to take bets on raw ideas and even first-time Founders is why we have a system of new-age Startups becoming big box players, like Salesforce, Zoom, and many others.

But with the exponential growth in the sprout of startups, not just in Silicon Valley, but across the globe and the increased attraction of calling oneself a player in the Startup ecosystem, has complicated things for the Investors.

Now it is many times harder for Investors to spot the right bets and invest in them. Iconic Mindset is working with Startups and Investors to help find the right bets, curated to the investment theme of the Investors.

We have played these roles at Corporate VCs, VCs, and as Angel Investors several times and we intend to share the expertise of spotting and curating future bets to take.

We offer the following services to Investors