About Us

Iconic Mindset, headquartered in Silicon Valley, was founded in 2018 with a laser focused mission to help thrive the Innovation economy.

We set ourselves on to a mission to bridge the growing gap between Enterprises and B2B Startups. The idea sprouted and also came as a suggestion when our Founder, Anand was working with a portfolio of Startups from a Corporate VC arm he was working with, as their GTM Evangelist.

With deep insights and first-hand experience into what, how and why Enterprises buy technology solutions, he saw a huge opportunity for Startups only if they were ready to invest in building the right Product and Market Strategy and Execution Model.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Enterprises and their constant need for innovative solutions and ideas that help them leapfrog competition and catch up with the trends, if not trailblaze them.

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Enterprise - Startup Wedge

Enterprise leader also need trust, assurance, stability, insurance and risk-mitigated solutions that will guarantee a minimum level of success. Given that criteria and the way Startups positioned themselves as a be-all end-all solution, leaders in Enterprises chose solutions from big software players, even though they were not at par, when it comes to sheer innovation and bold disruption.

We set ourselves a grand and noble vision of connecting these two dots and bridging the gap. This will increase the rate of adoption of innovation by Enterprises and help them thrive, while helping Startups thrive and grow, reinstating the trust in the overall Innovation economy.

And this would motivate more players to take risks, make big bets and create more solutions that would disrupt the ecosystem and make our lives better.

An Iconic Mission to inculcate Iconic Mindset obviously needs an Iconic Crew.

So in that journey we assembled an incredibly awesome team from US and UK to help, partner and guide Enterprises and Startups in their Innovation journey and growth aspiration.

Meet “The Iconic Crew”

The crew members have played diverse roles from C-Suite, Business Head, GTM Strategist to Head of Innovation at Global Fortune 1000 companies.